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We asked our AAZPC members to let us know what they are doing during this Covid-19 downtime.  Here are their responses:

Dave Hahn - "Make sure Republic Services doesn't see this!  We found that a lot of our neighbors were curious about what Linda and I were doing and some of them borrowed our paddles and hit between themselves."

Robin & Barry Stuck - "We have a gang of eight who have banded together to continue to play. We have strict rules which we abide by to keep us safe. We reserve two courts at a time, wear gloves, disinfect our balls between games, limit the number of people on the court and sidelines, maintain the 6’ distancing rule, and wash all our clothes and equipment after play."

Heidi Furman - "1. Long Quality walks around our community while admiring the gorgeous blooming Cacti & plants 2. Spending Quality time with our kids (Amit- daughter 21 & Elan-son 18) 3. Trying to keep Our sons Spirits High as he will probably not get a Prom or Graduation (attending ASU- Barrett Honors College in the fall) 4. Tons of Yard Work, & Propagating new plants to share with friends 5. Organizing and Purging 6. Getting Tasks done that we have put off 7. Reconnecting with friends and Family via internet, phone, zoom etc...who we haven’t spoken to in awhile 8. Exercising at home .  Our son created weights out of buckets and pavers placed inside 9. Catching up on shows and movies we missed 10. Lots of Yummy Home Cooking and teaching the kids how to cook ‍11. Hot tubbing and almost Pool Time. 12. Pickleball and Tennis 13. Enjoying our weather and appreciative that we live in such a beautiful place 14. Breathtaking Sunsets 15. Hiking 16. Our son has been Biking."  

John Balzer -    John's new face mask has arrived!
Tom Gryniewski - "I play golf twice a week ,walk and ride my bike 50 miles a week. I have 5 groups of people in Minnesota Arizona and Florida I zoom with."
Zee Baumgartner
- "I have been finding time to take daily walks with my dog and spouse, practice my ukulele, ride my bike, use my home outdoor gym and garden."
Nancy Balm - "Instead of playing pickleball, I’m playing golf in Forest Highlands, Flagstaff.  In golf, it is easy to maintain a 6 foot distance from anyone else, unlike pickleball."

Bonnie Whisler - "moved here from Ohio to spend the rest of my days with my son and family with nine-year-old twins. So no pickleball or school so I am learning Zoom! But then there’s the pool so we are good!
Johnny Brill - "
Since the outbreak of Covid, I have been playing tennis and golf within our bubble and hiking up Daisy with some weights in my hands, and biking with wife - Amy Harlow.  Here is a photo of my me and my dive buddy in the Indian ocean on our February Indian ocean trip."

Ric Ellsworth - "Great off-roading in AZ right out our back door. And boating on Lake Pleasant has been great too!"

Brian Popowitch - "Backyard projects" 

Lisa Ashbridge - "We are moving and once we got the front room emptied, Mike and I turned it into a Pickleball court."

Gary & Nancy Leck - "Nancy and I have been keeping active. Thank goodness we can still hike, bike and play golf."

Norman Johnson - "I’ve enjoyed hiking with family!"

Dwight Christensen - "I've been getting educated on the predictable hazards of shut down, whether or not science confirms what we are doing.  I found two microbiologists who give legit arguments about our current course of action."
Linda Whitcomb - "I’ve been taking long walks and doing moderate hikes with my daughter and son in law. We also play a lot of games - cards, dice and old fashioned board games."

Christopher Payne - "Sailing in San Diego, RV’g, cycling and the Anthem Dog"

Torbin & Ann Riise - "
Ann and I practice pickle ball 40-45 min 3-4 times week - on the street, where we have drawn a 1/2 true-sized pickle ball court and put an improvised (removable) bar up to serve as a net. With virtually no traffic, we can play interrupted for the entire session. In addition, we do our 4 mi trail running 2-3 mornings a week and a 6-8 mi hike once a week."

Deb & Bill - "Hiking more!  (Eating more too!)"

Nadine Fox -
"Reading....a book I read in high school! Working in my counted cross-stitch and playing Pickleball in the park near my house!"

Lou Spiegel - "Spending time eating, hiking, walking, bike rides, day time car rides to Fountain Hills Prescott, Wickenburg and more eating: Portillos and Chompies  ."

Thierry Simondet - "I've been playing tennis, riding my motorcycle and floating in my pool. Wine has been helping a bit."

Janie Murnane - "I’m doing landscaping, trimming trees and planting flower/cactus beds "

Gerry & Joyce Stork - "Gerry and I have relocated to Dove Mountain Heritage Highlands northeast of Tucson.  It is a small gated country club area and we have been playing lots of pickleball!  Our courts have been open for small groups to play throughout this virus situation.  We love it here but still do miss all of our old pickleball friends of Anthem...but meeting a lot of new ones here." 

Ron Bongard - "A lot of walks with my dog. Building projects in my garage."

Ken Fischer
Discovered This Pristine & Beautiful Trail In Anthem Parkside"

Debbie Bernard - "morning walk through the beautiful Anthem wash."

Barb Patterson - Kayaking on Lake Pleasant, wearing my mask when I go to the store, reading, skinny singles with Craig, cooking, etc etc
George Scaroulis -I've built a PB wall on wheels for practice. Materials used:  ply-wood 4'x8' , several 2in.x4in.x8ft., 4-3in. wheels and as a backstop 2 Tri- Fold Foam Display Boards 48 in. x 36 in. to help prevent some shots from going over the wall.  I also built a dinking/ 3rd shot drop station. All the info and specs are listed on the link below.

Aside from PB projects I discovered with the help of Chuck G. The 3000 Club/Market on the Move. A $10 dollar donation = up to 60 lbs. of fresh produce. A group of us go down there and pick up the produce and distribute it to our neighbors. What is left over we take it over to the Foothills food bank. All the info is in the link listed below.

We hope you enjoyed all the ways everyone is staying active!

Anthem AZ Pickleball Club (AAZPC) is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Anthem, AZ  85086

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